Expertfinder – Building your professional team online

Remote freelance – the German way

Expertfinder is an online freelancer portal, an applicant database, a job portal, and a marketplace for entrepreneurs and applicants from the fields of engineering, technology, science, and research.

Expertfinder. You belong together

Expertfinder ensures that people find each other. People who move something together, advance something, create something. No matter what industry, what task, what job. There is a lid for every pot, an Ernie for every Bert, a specialist for every task, no matter how special. You just have to find him.

Expertfinder – the all-in-one solution

It offers an all-in-one solution that creates added value and a competitive advantage over other job exchanges and databases using modern tools and add-ons, e.g. analysis tools for performance tracking, image videos for applicants and companies as well as bonuses for recommendation management.

Service Focus

We meet our customers as service provider through and through. It is our goal that our customers feel optimally and professionally looked after. We are always friendly and courteous and maintain a modern tone that is natural in line with an online business.

Freelancer and Client vetting

Expertfinder matches vetted freelancers with vetted clients. Full transparency, full support.




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